Why you should work mostly from monday to friday

I had an interesting thought last week. It may sound obvious but i think for really hungry entrepreneurs it’s not. I was always the type of guy to not care when and where i work. I say about myself that i work 24/7. Wherever i am i keep my eyes open for opportunities that could help me make money. Also i brainstorm all the time. I can’t shut that off unfortunately and sometimes it’s very exhausting. I feel like a hyperactive kid and late at night i’m just done. So read more

How to motivate yourself

If you’re self-employed you probably know the feeling when you’re down and all this thoughts go on in your head: “Things are not moving forward. Some things just don’t work out you wanted them to. You get a negative response. You get turned down on an offer you made. You’re family & friends don’t support you the way you wish they would.” Since life is always a mix of ups and downs, usually all those things happen at the same time. You’re feeling down. So you start questioning yourself: “Why am read more

Writing the first post sucks

  Hi everybody! I have a lot of plans with this blog but writing the first post is weird. I can’t tell why but that’s just how it is. Like always in life, starting something is the hardest part. However, let me get over it and tell you what i’m gonna do here and why i created this website/blog. I started doing business and launching different ventures pretty early in my life and it was always very interesting. The way is a lot more interesting then the result and since read more