Can’t find your life purpose? Maybe you don’t have to.

Sometimes I like to watch TED Videos to get inspired and of course you should try to get smarter one day at a time. TED is a good source for that too. Usually there is at least one thing you can take out of a TED Video. It’s a great platform to get educated quickly or just get some other points of view on a subject.

Now I have the problem that I like too many things and once I’ve found something new I’m passionate about I really get into it. One year I might think that I should definitely become an idea consultant (I thought maybe companies would pay me to get a lot of “out of the box” ideas). The next year I think I should teach small kids soccer. So I dive into it but at some point I realize that it’s just not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Then I stop. Since im turning 30 soon I started to think that I messed up and that I missed the point do decide on a topic or subject. Now I stumbled upon this video on TED that made me think and also gave me hope that it’s not over haha. If you have the same problem, I hope this video helps you too to just accept that you’re maybe made to do different things in life. Always remember: We’re all different and that’s a good thing. Keep doing whatever you’re doing as long as you’re happy and it feels right.