Climate Change – What exactly is the problem?

industry-sunrise-clouds-fog-39553You’ve probably read a lot about climate change already and you have your own opinion by now (if not, there’s something wrong with you). That’s why i don’t wanna waste time explaining climate change too much or talk about it at all. There is much better sources than this article if you want to find out what’s happening. There are literally thousands of studies out there where you can get your facts straight. But recently i was driving from Berlin to Munich and the girlfriend of one of my oldest friends was in the car with me. And you know how those roadtrips are, you start talking about everything. It turned out she works for a company that rates companies by their sustainability. At first i wasn’t sure if that’s only for image reasons but then she explained to me that there are some funds that only invest in companies with a certain sustainability rating. And also big banks are able to give them better interest rates if they have a certain rating. I liked that idea a lot. Since companies are all about money, why not hit them there. So after a while i realized that she really cares about our environment. More then anybody i’ve met before. She doesn’t own a car and she doesn’t want to own one and she tries not to use airplanes. So after a while of just talking about everything that’s happening i asked her: “So what is the worst thing happening right now?”. She wasn’t sure what i meant by that, but i just wanted to know: “What is the biggest issue? Which thing happening is the worst?” Because that is the one that you should tackle first of course. So she didn’t have an answer at first and her answers sounded something like: “It’s all the things combined, there is not one particular thing”. But i wasn’t satisfied by that. So i kept going asking things like: ” But what’s the problem? What are the consequences? There has to be one thing that’s outstanding. Or a way to sum it up” I understand that it sucks if the air smells bad and we die younger. But unfortunately i also think that even if you would ask people if they would be willing to give up their car to live one year longer, there would be a lot of them who would say no. So after a while we actually did get to a point and it was exactly what i was looking for. Here’s my recap:

Species extinction is happening. Around 50.000 species are going extinct each year. Our ecosystem is a good working one and that’s why we are able to live on this planet. We are not yet able to say if the extinction is a big problem or not. Maybe it doesn’t even matter and we are able to live without other species on some drug that has not yet been invented. Maybe we don’t. And that’s the point. We don’t know. So all in all it’s not about the environment. Maybe we are going to kill ourselves. And that is a way to high gamble. So as long as we don’t know the consequences for sure, we shouldn’t be gambling that high. And that’s what we are doing right now and what has to be stopped.

People are just assuming that somehow it’s gonna workout. But it’s not reversible.

I liked this answer a lot and i think if more people would realize that, the world would be a better place. If you compare that to a normal life situation, it would be like flying in an airplane and just so you have more money you kill the captain. So now you have to figure out how to land the damn plane. It’s not impossible but you don’t know if you’re gonna be able to do it or not. It’s just not smart and in the end it’s about us. I like to say: Planet Earth doesn’t care – it’s gonna be here in 10.000 years aswell. But are we?