Why you should work mostly from monday to friday

man-running-workI had an interesting thought last week. It may sound obvious but i think for really hungry entrepreneurs it’s not or better: With so much work to do, you forget about it.
I was always the type of guy to not care when and where i work. I say about myself that i work 24/7. Wherever i am i keep my eyes open for opportunities that could help me make money. Also i brainstorm all the time. I can’t shut that off unfortunately and sometimes it’s very exhausting. I feel like a hyperactive kid and late at night i’m just done. So usually a sunday is no different then a monday to me. That could be brainstorming, organizing something or whatever. I just don’t see sunday as a day-off.  When i have an idea i used to contact people by phone, message or email. Usually the response was something like: “Yo cool idea but i’m with my family i’ll call you back later” or “I’m with my girlfriend i need this day with her, i’ll get back to you tomorrow”. I used to blame those people to not be as hungry as i am and asked myself if they didn’t understand that life is too short and if we are partners we all have to work 24/7 etc. Now, since i’m always optimizing things, i had this thought a while ago:
“I won’t be able to change how people live in this world.” I tried for 10 years now but it’s just not happening. And it may sound obvious but i think it’s not always: If i want to optimize my communication and workflow i have to work at the same time as others do. I feel a little bit saddened because it means in some sense that i’m accepting the “normal life”. But regarding my business it’s optimizing and that’s what i’m trying to do. So if my communication is 90% effective from monday to friday and only 10% effective on weekends, i’m just going to accept that fact and live with. I’m sick of burning my creative energy while for other people having a relaxed sunday is more important then bringing their business forward. I’m going to relax in 10 years but for now i will just do different things on a sunday that don’t involve interaction with other people.