Writing the first post sucks



Hi everybody!

I have a lot of plans with this blog but writing the first post is weird. I can’t tell why but that’s just how it is. Like always in life, starting something is the hardest part. However, let me get over it and tell you what i’m gonna do here and why i created this website/blog.

I started doing business and launched different ventures pretty early in my life and it was always very interesting. The path is a lot more interesting then the result and since i’m starting new projects right now i wanted to keep track of them in this blog. Besides that i usually meet really interesting people on my journey and it’s getting more and more interesting so there are gonna be some interviews with young entrepreneurs and hustling people (i think “hustler” is actually a good description for a lot of motivated people).

So i’m just gonna walk the talk now and i’m looking forward to share my experiences with you!